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      Hi all, WELCOME to my blog. My name is Nalinikanta Swain. By profession I'm not a blogger. From my childhood I always liked to write stuffs and all. I used to right stage acts, songs and things close to my heart.
      When I was doing my MCA I came across these kinds of things very popularly known as "BLOG". I used to read some of my favorites and that was the period when I realized that I'm enjoying these kinds of things. And I  planned to join this blogosphere. This is how my blogging journey started. And the best part is I'm enjoying it more and more with time.

    I love to play cricket, chess and Listening and singing songs. My dream is to bring a huge change through out my society. Because I strongly believe there are so many problems that we just can not run away from problems. We have to face the problems and find a way out. Stay in touch with me to know more interesting things. 

I'd love to here from you. Send your e-mail and tell me what is there in your mind. Any suggestion, feedback or enquiries can be sent here. through the contact form

Thanks for stopping by...

Love & Regards,

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