15 March, 2012

Pinterest| A complete intro guide to the hottest new social network

Pinterest| A complete intro guide to the hottest new social network

Pinterest is an online virtual pinboard where you share and organize things you like. Pin it to win it: It’s a social photo sharing network where you share photos you like, give comments to photos and repin an image. It’s a social network that connects people across the globe through the things they find interesting. It’s been a huge and faster growing social network. . It’s mostly popular among women. That’s why I’m naming it “The hottest social network”. Pinterest has grasped a place in the top 10 most popular social networks in just 2years of its debut. This fact itself signifies how attractive this network is.
How to get a Pinterest invitation?
On its home page there is an option called “Request an invite”. You just have to click on it and give your mail id. Then a confirmation kind of message will be shown saying that they will send you an invite as soon as they can.
How do I get started? How do I set up my Pinterest page?
Once you got your invitation the next thing you have to accomplish is to complete your profile page information. Like your profile name, bio etc. When you open a new Pinterest account, you will be given five templates for board. You can keep these five boards to get started. There is a “edit” bar below each of board. Write description for each board, choose a category, rename if you want, limit the access control to only you or others. Finally don’t forget to click on “save” one you are done with it.
How do I navigate?
If you are logged into Pinterest, you can hit the Pinterest icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen to go to your Pinterest home. Here you will see all of the recent pins of the people you follow.From your home page (not profile - your Pinterest home), you will see a link to Discussions. This will show you what is hot on Pinterest at the moment based on comments and repins.
Next to that is the link to Everything. This brings up the feed for all.  The latest pins from everyone on Pinterest are featured in this feed.
Lastly, there is the Gift feed which features pins tagged with prices grouped suitably into price ranges. 

How to make the best use of Pinterest?
Mainly Pinterest is a site that allows you bookmark websites in a visually attractive fashion by pinning what interests you to one or more boards you have created. It also offers the usual network possibility of friends, following etc. It’s a virtual pinboard where you share and organize things you like. Here we will guide you to get the most out of Pinterest through 10 cool tips & tricks. So, here we go.
1. Monitor useful resources:This can be a very useful thing for you if you are a visual person. Here you can create unique boards for your each aspect. There you can pin interesting things online to your individual boards. You can use Pinterest books for your systematic bookmarking. This keeps things simple and easy to get instead of a chaotic bookmark.
2. Some special planning:Are you getting married or having a big party? Pinterest can give you a great support to organize stuffs visually and to get track of great ideas or inspirations you found online. Here you just have to pin about your occasion or pin the stuffs you want to use. Then certainly you will get useful comments to your pin which will help you organize your party in a more dazzling way.
3.Add Price tag: When you are pinning a product, just add a tag like "My Favorite iPod $49.99". Then Pinterest will automatically add the $498.99 as a banner in the corner.This is a good help to save time to open up the links to find the price of the product.
4.Prepare your own “Wishlist”:Is your birthday coming and you are looking for a certain gift?Do others know about your wish for your birthday? Don’t let the chance go empty. Create a Wishlist Board on Pinterest and point your friends or family to it for idea. In this way chances are better that you get that particular gift. Isn’t it great?
5. Do-Follow Links:Pinterest links are dofollow links. Now don’t pin all of your sites.It’s a wild act. I don’t think that they are all useful. And if Pinterest gets stunned by spammers it only takes a few lines of code and all outgoing links will be nofollow overnight. Already happened to Twitter, is certain to happen to Pinterest also may be sooner or later.
6. Bookmark your “Pinit” button:The Pinit button is easy to install. Get it at the goodies page on Pinterestandand just drag the button into your bookmarks bar. After installation, whenever you find anything special to pin then just click on the button.
7. Planning a tour:This is a very cool tip.When you are planning for a family trip, just search for the place on Pinterest. Then the Pinterest search engine will look at the boards and will fetch you pins having different and excellent ideas.
8. Gift Selections:This is my complete desired tip. One prides himself in finding the perfect gift for people. It has to be original, thoughtful, and exceptional. It’s a tough job to find a gift for someone that will be loved by the person. But Pinterest just became a new guide to shopping idea book. They don’t sell anything. They just suggest you pins of thousands of people to make you more comfortable to find the best you are looking for.
9. Follow individual boards: The best thing about Pinterest is you can follow individual boards here. You don’t have to follow a person. To subscribe to individual boards, click on the name of any Pinterest user and you'll see all their boards. If you follow the person, you'll follow all their boards. Else, just pick and select the boards you need.
10.Use Pinterest for topics that don't fit into your blog position:Many blogger branches out from their main position after blogging for few time. If you are someone with varying tastes, encourage your readers to follow a particular board on Pinterest for "more on that subject."
How to link Pinterest with you?
Pinterest is an online virtual pinboard where you share and organize things you like. Pin it to win it: It’s a social photo sharing network where you share photos you like, give comments to photos and repin an image. It’s a social network that connects people across the globe through the things they find interesting. It’s mostly popular among women. It’s been a huge and faster growing social network. Here we present you 5 ways why you should be on Pinterest.
1.     Very useful for your business: New and fresh ideas on using Pinterest are cropping up all the time but the most important thing is it is very much useful for your business. Now I’ll tell you how.
a.      You can conduct market research:You can get the first hand reaction and feedback of your new product by using Pinterest as a focus group. You can find out the favorite products of your fans. Encourage them to pin their photos with your product.
b.      You can sell product:Add a “$” or “£” to your pin description and Pinterest will create a price banner for you. Then visitors can buy the product by following to the product’s location and buy over there. It’s a kind of gateway to your website.
c.       You can use Pinterest to Portray Your Brand and  Build Relationships: It’s a great way to portray your product by pinning a photo of your product or services to the website and which will help to express your product’s or services’ theme to your customers. An addition to it you make relationship with your customer by providing them helpful information regarding your product and services.

2.     Useful for study purpose - A classroom asset: Pinterest is also useful to a great extent for your study. Since all are inning something special and useful that’s why you can find your favorite referrals whether you be a teacher or student. Now I’m telling you how.
a.      Browse the education category:Visit the education category of Pinterest where you can find variety of educational topics. There you can get the boards where you can find the topics you are looking for and you also refer them for your project or study purpose.
b.      Get your own board:you can create a board of your own to pin the online information for your further reference in your classroom. You can use it as an organizational tool for your study purpose. Here an excellent visual is also provided to remember and have quick access to your requirements.
c.       Useful for research purpose & to find projects: Students and Parents can have a quick search on their school & college projects through a wide variety of boards. It makes easier to finish the projects easier. Now, students can also use it for their research purpose, when they are working on a group research. They can create a board of their own which will be much helpful.

3.     Use it in your social media marketing: You can use Pinterest for your social media marketing. Having more than 10 million users it’s a great platform for you to market. I’ll tell you how.
a.      Make use of your visual products:As this is a visual sharing site, so you should make a good use of your visual products through cool pics. This will drive traffic to your website and take your product to a new level.
b.     Promote your content:Here you can promote you content in the social media networks. You can create twitter and Facebook posts and link them to your Pinterest pages. This is how your product can have a great promotion.
c.      Share & care: You can pin the photos of the satisfied customers along with their feedback. This will create a good and warm feeling about your product. Because people trust the customers view more than anything else. You can also give comments to other’s pin. This is how you can make them feel special. This will advertise you far positively.

4.     Useful for bloggers: Pinterest is a very convenient network for bloggers. It’s not an easy job to drive a huge traffic to your blog unless you are among most popular bloggers. But with the help of Pinterest you can build up traffic for your website. Making a good use of Pinterest lets you to have a huge number of new reader and visitors to your blog. Bloggers use many tools for their promotion but can be a handy one. What a non-user can’t understand is a different page has its unique landing page. So give high quality pictures to attract more to your blog.

5.     Manages your day to day life: The primary mission of Pinterest is to connect people worldwide through the things they find interesting. In our daily routine life we find many things that we want to share. I’ll tell you how.
a.      Home decoration:You can get new ideas for your home decoration. You can get fresh patterns to decorate your room. You can also get ideas of the latest furniture and home stuffs over here in Pinterest.
b.     Discover latest fashions:Here in Pinterest you can easily find you style and latest fashion. Here you can get options for your clothing, shoes & stuffs. You can also pin your choice which will help others.
c.      Helps you in your profession:If you are a designer then you can get new design inspirations for yourself which will help you create new and innovative designs. Similarly if you are a cook then you can get gluten free recipes for yourself. Here you can have a great collection of appetizers and desserts to make your & your customers’ stomach happy.
d.     Refer for special occasions:Pinterest can be referredwhile you are planning for something special. When someone is planning for his wedding then he/she can pin his stuffs and can get comments on them. This will help him/her to have the best. One can choose the best flower, suit & stuff. Because with Pinterest the best comes up.

I hope this guide has helped you. Thank you

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