16 March, 2012

Online reputation management: Control your brand

Online reputation management: Control your brand

       The most important thing is reputation, when it comes to building a brand. Getting a negative feedback can represent an obstacle. The primary phase in reputation management is to defend your brand and company status. It can be done in series of steps such as damage control, blog and articles writing, press releases and alike. There are websites collecting negative impressions such as RipOffReport.com,ConsumerWebWatch.com, complaints.com, My3Cents.com & ConsumersAffairs.com. If you have been badly rated, then you should start to rebuild your company's reputation and launch a strategic counter attack. Here we give you the ideas to control your brand name & improve your online reputation to the top.
Ø Target Search engines & Social networking sites: Google follow the social media trends. Workforce services provider, Manpower Inc. says, about 70% of human resource & business professionals are using social networking sites in job hunting process. If your company has accounts in social networking site then make a proper use of it for your reputation management. Increase your SERPs rank using the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. LinkedIn is very useful site to build your image as it is a professional social network site. Facebook is also a huge platform as it has its user base from every category.
Ø  Effective SEO:Effective search engine optimization is one of the best ways to improve your online reputation. It is a very useful factor to improve your brand. So it is very important to work on your SEO. Otherwise it gets late then it will be extremely difficult to recover the crisis.
Ø  Good use of domains & subdomain of your site:When you are buying domain for your company, buy all the domain names like .com, .net, .org, .info, etc. And just don’t redirect all the pages to the .com’s landing page. But it’s a great idea to manage all those separate domains with unique information. This will increase your online reputation of your brand. Search engines give more importance to the words in a ULR. So, this will help you generate more content resulting higher online reputation of your brand. Subdomains are treated differently by the search engines. Create different pages for different products and name URLs accordingly, for example, “product_name.company_name.com”. But if you use more than 3 subdomains then Google may not consider it as your company name while ranking.
Ø  Press Release:A well-organized press release is also useful to improve your online reputation management. Distribute those press releases through some good service providing prominent Media. Your company name should be the title. And the issue that you are reporting about should be the subject. This is an important factor to manage online reputation. Few good service providers are PRWeb, 1888PressRelease &PRLog etc.
Ø  Update your contents:Make sure that your listings & information are precise and reliable. If possible, try not to use call tracking numbers.  Link one of your YouTube videos to Google page.  This improves your ranking & discriminates you from others resulting you control over your online reputation. Mike Blumenthal has a great tool to help you before you login and update your Google listing. Try to add as many categories as you can that are relevant to your brand. Another important factor is your contact details. Make sure that search engines trace you properly with an ease. Don’t give your contact info in an image or flash. HTML is the best options for it.
Ø  Getsolutions to your negatives:Track all the issues that have been said about you online. And must find solution to it. This is an issue which will bring you & your product closer to your clients. So monitor the feedbacks in a regular interval given to you and find solutions to them. This will enhance your online reputation. And say thank you to those who helped you to perform better. Send them a thank you card.

Ø  Don’t be personal on your blog or website:Never post anything personal. You never know how your clients will perceive it. But a simple professional photo is okay for your Facebook or LinkedIn profile representation. Never participate or comment on online sensitive arguments. Everyone see your posts & tweets. So be careful about it. Remember one thing, on a social network or stuffs like that you are not a person rather you are representing your business. So act accordingly to brand your online reputation.
Ø  Improve as a good innovator:With the entire internet world changing rapidly, you also need to change in techniques with the same pace. This is the most important factor which increases your online reputation automatically. Always try to improve with time. Always ask yourself, “Have I made it large enough?” Always try to be better and better. Then no doubt you will be the 1st result of SERPs. If you maintain this issue then no one can unseat you.

Ø  Subscriptions are very useful:This is an essential thing to improve your online reputation management. So let your clients subscribe you through RSS feed and other subscription methods, which will help you managing and improving your online reputation.

Ø  Take your brand to Wikipedia:This is a huge factor as while considering online page ranking. Wikipedia pages always have a high rank almost in top five results of Google. If want to create a Wikipedia page of your organization then do it carefully. Get a neutral, established Wikipedia editor to write your wiki page. It should be written in a neutral point of view. This is another way to improve or manage your online reputation.

Ø Make use of Online Reputation Management Tools: There are certain tools to get your online reputation protected. You can use these things of your own or hire a company to perform this activity. Managing with these tools has made things quite easy to manage your online reputation. The tools are as follows:

1.   Me On The Web
2.   Knowem
3.   Google Alert
4.   TweetBeep
5.   Social Mention
6.   Search Aggregators
7.   Social Listening Software
Follow these ways so that you can improve your online reputation and manage & control your brand the best position for sure.

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