07 October, 2012

How to move your domain name account

Domain name account transfer is the process of transferring the destination registrar of a domain name. The process of transferring differs among registrars. Domain transfer normally happens due to the price factor. But honestly speaking, this is a very creepy process. Before transferring you need to purchase a domain of your own.

You have to get the following things done to get the domain transfer in effect.
  1.First unlock your domain from the old registrar.
  2.Make the domain transfer confirmed from the old registrar.
  3.Finally confirm the domain transfer from the new registrar.

The above are the overall procedure of transferring a domain but the detailed steps are as follows:

Step#1:Purchase a domain transfer first.

Step#2: Unlock the domain and then receive “Authorization code” from the old registrar. This can be done through control panel & support service depending upon your registrar.

Step#3: The new registrar then sends an e-mail containing your ID, Code & a link to confirm your transfer.

Step#4: Then you have to confirm the transfer using your “ID Number” & “Key Code” after clicking on the given link. Sometimes the “authorized code” is also asked during confirmation.

Step#5: Then the new registrar notifies the old registrar to transfer the domain.

Step#6:Getting the request, the old registrar processes the request and then confirms the new registrar about the release of the requested domain & asks you confirm.

Step#7: Then you have to confirm your transfer of domain to the old registrar.

Step#8: Now after confirming from you the old registrar releases your domain to your new registrar.

Step#9: The new registrar now sends a “Transfer Successful” message to you confirming your domain transfer.

Step#10: Now you get your domain transferred to the new registrar and can use it with sign in. And the transfer process gets completed.

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