21 March, 2012

How to earn money from your twitter account | 5 services

 A well said quote, “Money, if it does not bring you happiness, will at least help you be miserable in comfort.” Most of us normally want to know how to earn money online sitting in our room. Even we spend lots of time doing research on it, but our research goes fruitless most of the time. Even if we able to find a way, that is not satisfactory.  Now I’ll tell you how to earn money through internet. There are several ways to earn money online such as by sponsored review, by also doing freelancer job, advertisement or also “by using twitter”. Yes, this is true; you can make money through your twitter account. There are many ways to get your wallet full. But I’m going to explain it in a series.
1. MyLikes: MyLikes is world’s largest ad platform for the web people.  It is a social media advertising platform that empowers publishers to promote what they like. It also helps the publishers to engage their audiences while making money. This service has a variety of campaigns to choose from. But you should simply choose a campaign apposite to your audience. You just have to write a prompt and then tweet it. Here you are paid on a “per-click” basis. MyLikes tracks all of your campaigns to formulate a quality score for each user. If you higher your quality scores, then you will be paid more per click.MyLikes pays you on a weekly basis via PayPal or also through Amazon gift cards.
     2. RevTwt: RevTwt is a twitter ad service. The quality of the ads can be low. Most of the ads are for surveys, offers or quizzes that some people may consider a scam. The minimum Payout of RevTwt is $20. Payment is done via PayPal. These types of ads are difficult to get clicks and make money with Twitter. So, you have to sign up with RevTwt with a twitter account with many followers and a reputation. The interesting part is RevTwt offers a URL shortener like bit.ly. The links shortened using this URL shortener will not directly go to the linked specified rather display a page of ads before redirecting the user to the specified link. This works for twitter, but can also be useful on your blog or any other website to attempt to gain revenue. This URL shortener has a lot of potential.
3. SponsoredTweets: It is possibly the most reputable twitter ad service.The basic criteria of sponsoredTweets are: Minimum Payout $50 earned, 60 day old Twitter account, 50 followers, and 100 status updates. SponsoredTweets is run by “Izea”. Izea is a social media marketing company who has seen success with sponsored blog post service, SocialSpark.The quality of the ads is slightly better than RevTwt, and there is an opportunity for more. SponsoredTweets allows you to set your own PPCfor Twitter ads in case specific advertisers want to put ads out using your Twitter account.PPC stands for pay per click. It is useful for bigger Twitter accounts.It offers little or no opportunity for smaller Twitter accounts.
4.Twittad: Twittadprovides an opportunity for Twitter users to display advertisements on their user profiles. It utilizes the twitter API. It is the last service only because it is limiting for Twitter accounts with little followers. Its Payout is $30minimum and payment is given via PayPal. Twittad does not have default ads to post to twitter upon account creation, unlike both RevTwt and SponsoredTweets. Twittad allows you to set your PPC on the ads, but you have to wait till the advertisers accept your price and give you an ad to post on twitter.
5. Ad.ly: Ad.ly is an online ad agency on twitter. It has a huge celebrity stable that posts, tweets and pulls in up to the six figures. Ad.ly, apart from Sponsored Tweets is the most professional looking and better twitters ad service in the market. Its minimum Payout: $50 minimum via PayPal or through Check also. Payment is transferred once in a month.This service doesn't have any default ads to post though. So it becomes difficult for users without huge accounts to make money with the service. If you do have a prominent twitter account, getting quality advertisement offers that are targeted to your specific twitter account is a great way to post advertisements.

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